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Orchid Park is a 1 hectare (2.5 acre) compound available for lease in Cebu, Philippines.

Property Features:
  • Orchid Park is close to the airport (9 km) and within striking distance of Cebu City (14km).
  • The property features a large, airflow-cooled, single story residential building with almost 500 sq.m floor space (over 5000 sq. ft.) which could be remodeled for office space, a restaurant or a boutique hotel.
  • There is a gatehouse for a caretaker, a guest cottage in the garden and a canteen for the staff.
  • The mature 2.5 acre garden is an oasis of bird life and includes a jacuzzi-style swimming pool.
  • 5 min. walk to Main Road, 10 min. walk to a modern hospital (Mendero Medical Center), 15 min walk to shopping mall (SM Consolacion).
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Orchid Park Development According to Tenant Specifications

If a reputable, solid tenant would be interested to negotiate and commit to a long-term lease contract, the owner might be willing to partner with developing the property in accordance with the tenant's specifications. Alternatively, the tenant may undertake approved development and the owner will assist by lowering initial lease cost.

Possible developments:
  • Modern, campus style office space
  • School (e.g. language school)
  • Clinic, laboratories or wellness centre
  • Boutique hotel/restaurant
  • Residential home for expat retirees